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We Specialize in larger orders of American flags and Hand Held flags along with a car window flags and wholesale American Flag lapel pins. Our average sale is between 1000 pieces to 15,000 pieces and we offer great discounts to those that need to buy larger amounts of wholesale flags. We also offer 3x5' foot flags, 4x6' foot flags, 2x3' foot flags, 4x6 inch hand held flags, 6x9 inch hand held flags and 12x18 inch hand held flags at wholesale prices.


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What is a Dealer?

A dealer is a person or company that buys directly from us "the manufacture" and then resells at his or her store front. A dealer can also sell to other store fronts, other companies, or to anyone or any company that wants to buy from them. Dealers can sell flags and lapel pins anywhere they like including the internet, their store front retail operation, at trade shows.


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