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We stock all forms of American flags and we sell them wholesale to anyone that wants to buy. We supply cemeteries, graveyards, & Realtor's. We also have stick flags and yard flags for grave yards and cemeteries. Click on one of our pages above and take a look at the different sizes and shapes we offer. We specialize in larger orders of American flags and hand held flags along with car window flags and wholesale lapel pins. Our average sale is between 1000 pieces and 15,000 pieces and we offer great discounts to those that need to buy larger amounts of wholesale flags.

Our American flags inventory consists of various American flags items and wholesale lapel pins that are in stock. We offer American flags and lapel pins for as low as .52 cents each wholesale. American Flag items are ready to ship so there’s no waiting here. Don’t be without! Many of the customers using our site are buying American flags in bulk for their office or school. We make it easy to purchase in bulk and shipping is always FREE.

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